I will have the Wedding Day Montage up later this week. We will not have our video for several more weeks, but in the mean time my videographer sliced a few things together and put it on his website. Click on this link and the first 20 seconds is from our day... a little preview :)

If you want to send me any of your photos, you can send them through picassa, shutterfly, etc. Thanks for helping us capture memories!

Tim's honeymoon surprise

I planned the honeymoon surprise...the only "requirements" Holly-Rae gave me were that it needed to be warm, outside the US, somewhere we've never been, and between a week and two weeks. Not too specific :) Only two people knew...the travel agent and me.

I wasn't planning to tell her the final destination of where we were going until we boarded the last flight and I had to tell her... but the gate agent in Chicago slipped and said "St. Thomas is considered a US destination so you can get in that line". So we spent an awesome week in St. Thomas in a little villa on the beach. I think we slept the first 24 hours! We traveled to other US and British Virgin Islands, including Virgin Gorda, Jost Van Dyke, St. John, and Tortola. From there we flew to San Juan, Puerto Rico where we spent our second week. We were at a larger resort in San Juan and took a great day trip to a private island called to Palamino Island, which was gorgeous.

We had great weather and great food. It was an awesome trip and just what we needed - some time to get away and be with each other.

I'm sure my wife will be sharing pictures soon...

December 6th - it was perfect!!!

We had a perfect day on the 6th...  Wedding Day Montage coming soon!!!  

The Bachelorette!

I had a fun night with the girls celebrating my upcoming nuptials and my last few days of the single life ;)   

The Party started out at Tara's house, then we went to Red Fire Grill for an awesome dinner, great drinks, and lots of laughs.  My girlfriends spoiled me and provided many things for the honeymoon :)  

Ash and Tara previously videotaped Tim answering some questions they came up with.  They tested me to see if I would respond the same way.   I think the biggest stumper was "At what dollar amount when Holly-Rae is shopping or making a purchase, would you want her to discuss it with you and "ask"?  Tim said $1000.   My response: ASK for PERMISSION???  WHAT?!??!?  :)  Just kidding...  I said $300.  WOW!  So of course now I want to know if that is  $1000 per item, per day, or what?!?! 

Each girlfriend also brought a pair of panties that represented THEM... I had to guess who they came from.  Slow starting, but once I figured a couple out it made it easier.  The funniest may have been the tiny thong...and my girlfriend said "My husband says I'm these go UP and they are TIGHT - that's how they represent me".   HA HA :)  

It was a fab night with the girls - that's all I can tell you... the rest is on the DL.  What happens in Bloomington stays in Bloomington :)  

The Arbor House

So everyone's been's the house coming along?!?! IT'S ALMOST FINISHED!!! Just a few touch ups and small things - like painting registers, getting new thermostat controls, etc. The walls, floors, appliances, lighting, etc, is all finished! The last major thing is they are building out the master walk in closet shelving, drawers, etc. Everything else is done! I'm not going to post pictures of the house util AFTER the wedding when you can see it all decorated. It is beautiful - we love it!

P.S. We have a habit of naming our homes...for example, Tim's last house was called Vale (it was on Vale St.) some of my former residences have been titled "Wagon Wheel" (it had some interesting wallpaper border) and most recently "Kolton" - I live on Colton St. This new house is on Hawthorne Arbor Lane - and we've called it Arbor pretty much since the beginning. We originally started calling it the lake house (its on a lake) but decided that may sound too pretentious :) Arbor is trees - everyone has trees :) So Arbor house it is!


So...when you decide to get married in 8 weeks, one thing that you have to take care of immediately is invitations. We did a rush order... but it still took longer than we expected. They finally came in and I had 5 girls (Tara, Ash, Tammy, Al, Lo) at my house tonight working on assembly line complete with 5 different insert options depending on the invite. We wanted to knock them out in one night. Tara's role was to address the outside of the envelopes. We were finally finished wrapping up when we realized that I must not have been clear with instructions on how to address the outsides of the invites. For example, "Mr. Bob and Mrs. Camille Cornwell" wasn't exactly what I was going for :) Nor was "Mrs. Kurt and Mrs. Rachel Domnick". :) Alls well that ends well - we just laughed about it and re-wrote the envelopes... thankfully I ordered extra :) --- Tim didn't seem to laugh as loud as we did. In Tara's defense, she's never sent out wedding invites. :)

Holly-Rae's Bridesmaids

I am so blessed to have six awesome women stand by my side as I say "I do"!! Alex Van Hoof, Lauren Van Hoof, Denise Hardin, Tara Huber, Gina Sandoval, and Ashley Zeller!

Engagement Pictures!

The photos in the slideshow (upper right) were taken at our new home that we will all be moving in to after the honeymoon!

She Said Yes!

His Story:
It was a crazy (typical) Monday filled with work, kids practices and basketball games, and just coming back from Michigan celebrating my new nieces baptism and my parents anniversary.
I knew it was supposed to be a nice sunny day and I'd researched when the sun was to set.  I thought I had it timed out...but the basketball game went long, clouds came in and we were running behind to make it to the sunset. I kept telling Hol that we needed to get out to the house so that we could pick out stone options for the trim. We finally got out to the house and the sun was sinking fast. I rushed right past the stone that I had been saying was so important to pick out. I quickly suggested to relax we should go out on the row boat on the lake. While I was getting a few things together, Holly-Rae, for some crazy reason decided to walk into little kitchen in the basement. She NEVER goes in there. This is where I had the ring, wine, glasses, etc. I somewhat panicked and made something up to get her out of there. I thought for sure she was on to me and the surprise was ruined (have you ever tried to surprise a "planner" like Holly-Rae?).
Without her looking I wrapped everything into a towel and we headed out to the boat anyway. By this time, in the dusk . We rowed out to the middle of the water. I pulled out the wine and glasses and said that it had been so busy and we haven't had any time to spend together just the two of us to be alone, to tell her how much I appreciate and care about her. We had a nice couple of moments sipping our wine, enjoying the last bit of daylight as it slowly was getting darker...that's when I also said I wanted to tell her how important she is to me, makes me a better man, I love her, and want to spend the rest of my life with her and I asked her to marry me. Holly-Rae started to cry during the conversation and when I asked she jumped up, onto my lap, and hugged me and kissed my face - almost tipping the boat. After a minute I asked "so is that a yes" and she said yes, and hugged me again. That's when I pulled out the ring (in the dark by this time) and put it on her finger. We enjoyed some more time out on the lake and then went in.

Her Story:
It was a typical Monday night...running from work to a basketball game. At the game Tim shared that we needed to get out to the house to pick out stone work before it gets dark. Of course I'm wondering why you can't take the stone samples inside where there know...electricity??? :) But I don't say anything and just go with it. We head out to the house, look at the stone, and he says "Hey, you want to take the boat out on the water like we talked about?" The week before he shared the idea he had to get out on the water and look at the second story addition to the house from the lake ---apparently planting a seed. So we go to head out to the water - I'm not thinking a thing... but he does have some stuff in his hands.
Once on the water, he poured us some wine (that's what he had wrapped up) and toasts to me saying he just wanted to do a nice surprise since it's been really busy lately and we haven't had time for just us.
Over the next few minutes I am thinking of all the things he had to pull together... getting me out there, getting my favorite wine from the store, wrapping up the wine glasses... I was thinking through his steps to plan this little surprise. It was so sweet!!!
Next was the BIGGER SURPRISE when he starts talking again...saying all the incredibly romantic things :) and proposed!! I was crying by this time of course and he puts the ring on my finger and I move to be closer to him by the boat. He says "so is that a yes"? And I say YES!!! I was totally clueless about his whole plan - he definitely got me :)