I will have the Wedding Day Montage up later this week. We will not have our video for several more weeks, but in the mean time my videographer sliced a few things together and put it on his website. Click on this link and the first 20 seconds is from our day... a little preview :)

If you want to send me any of your photos, you can send them through picassa, shutterfly, etc. Thanks for helping us capture memories!

Tim's honeymoon surprise

I planned the honeymoon surprise...the only "requirements" Holly-Rae gave me were that it needed to be warm, outside the US, somewhere we've never been, and between a week and two weeks. Not too specific :) Only two people knew...the travel agent and me.

I wasn't planning to tell her the final destination of where we were going until we boarded the last flight and I had to tell her... but the gate agent in Chicago slipped and said "St. Thomas is considered a US destination so you can get in that line". So we spent an awesome week in St. Thomas in a little villa on the beach. I think we slept the first 24 hours! We traveled to other US and British Virgin Islands, including Virgin Gorda, Jost Van Dyke, St. John, and Tortola. From there we flew to San Juan, Puerto Rico where we spent our second week. We were at a larger resort in San Juan and took a great day trip to a private island called to Palamino Island, which was gorgeous.

We had great weather and great food. It was an awesome trip and just what we needed - some time to get away and be with each other.

I'm sure my wife will be sharing pictures soon...